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The Lore Logo Storyworld Challenge
From: The Lore Logo Team at Let Me Out Productions

• There are 7 elements to each Lore Logo.
• Each element of the logo represents a structural element to a well-designed story.
• There are 27 possible rarities that apply to each trait.
• Through the rarities in the collection, each element of each Lore Logo you mint will be assigned a subject of focus. Please refer to the guide.
• Your challenge, should you choose to receive it, is to write a story using the structural element associations provided. How you interpret these associations past the guidelines provided is completely up to you, and the results are the seeds to a new storyworld of your creation.
• This storyworld is your intellectual property, and yours alone.
• Members of our Company Ownership Collective may have the opportunity to work with us at Let Me Out Productions to develop it into a film, tv series, metaverse installation, or any scalable audience experience. Terms and conditions apply.
• In the event your Lore Logo produces the same rarity on every element, the story produced by this challenge has the potential to be extremely… focused. The collectible itself will be ultra-rare
• Is it for children? Young adults? Adults? Who is your target audience? That’s up to you.
• Interpret the rarities and emotion associations in creative ways – and have fun!

Here’s how it works.


Lore Logo element break-down:

(elements of the story)

Film – Fulcrum of Conflict

Takeup Reel – Protagonist(s) Description

Supply Reel – A Primary Setting

Storyteller – Theme of Focus

Projector Lens – Narrative Voice/Lens

Pages – Fulcrum of Plot or Fulcrum of Resolution

Bookmark – Antagonist(s) Description


Rarity break-down:

(subjects of focus)

  • Flora* (Must incorporate the specific plant mentioned, if applicable)
  • Human*
  • Flat (Silly / Comedic)
  • Mysterious*
  • Metal*
  • Fauna* (Must incorporate the specific animal mentioned, if applicable)
  • Cosmic*
  • Mineral*
  • Ancient*
  • Shadow* (Low-Society)
  • Water*
  • Storm*
  • Temporal*
  • Fire* 
  • Xygenic (Focused on Mental Health)
  • Force* (Action)
  • Divine* (Spirituality)
  • Zodiac*
  • Gemstone* (Magical / Ethereal)
  • Legacy* (Family / Friends)
  • Frost*
  • Lunar*
  • Lost* (Hidden Society)
  • Glass (Reflection of Storyworld Society)
  • Radiated* (Post-Apocalyptic)
  • Gilded (High-Society)
  • Original (Autobiographical)