Let Me Out Productions, LLC is a scalable film/television production platform using opportunities available in the cryptocurrency space to redefine the concept of sustainability in the global film production industry — while establishing a new standard for creator equity and perpetual financial reward.

                Authenticity Upheld. Opportunity Uplifted.

We exist to curate a sustainable relationship with a worldwide audience. We’re building the first film/television production platform with cryptocurrency tokenomics built into it’s foundation.

We produce cinematic audience experiences at the highest level of engagement and enjoyment.

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Let Me Out Productions LLC, is a film production house located in Sacramento, California.

Let Me Out Productions was established in 2007 in the small Californian town of Foresthill with the goal of establishing creator equity in the film/television production industry in the United States. We're proud to be in pioneer position, using NFTs as a utility for our stated goal.

Creator Equity.

Our founder, Kimani Okearah, sustained the platform as a digital media service boutique / production support unit on large and small scale projects for 14 years, from 2007 to 2021.

With the opportunities available in the world of non-fungible tokens, the platform is in immediate position to produce content at the top standard of quality in our industry.

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Strategy for Creator Equity - The LMO Structure for Tokenomics.